There’s no time like the present!

Procrastination must be the biggest killer when it comes to doing anything, especially training. There always seems to be more important things to do. That said, when it comes to taking on a particularly physical challenge, there’s no place to hide.

With the sun shining across the Shropshire hills this Boxing Day I decided that there was no time like the present and headed off up the Wrekin. I’d packed a small rucksack with 7kgs inside, around half the weight I would need to carry in June.


I also grabbed my son along for the ride. The Wrekin is not a strenuous climb, yes there are some steep inclines, but people run up and down it everyday and there were even a few toddlers making their way up quite sufficiently.

The purpose was to get the legs back into gear and to test my back with some weight on it. We made it to the top in about 45 mins with a few stops on the way for Joel to sit and have a breather. The view was worth it as always, although the wind was whipping across the top pretty fiercely.

people run up and down it everyday and there were even a few toddlers making their way up quite sufficiently

I figured that with over six months of solid training and living in a part of the country where steep inclines would be very accessible, I would be in my element. The Wrekin is certainly going to be one of my many playgrounds and the goal is to step it up over the coming weeks. We’ll be discussing diet at a later date, but its going to have to change.

For now I’ll get back to putting together my training playlist, which will include this beauty below from Rocky 4 – arguably the finest training montage ever made! If that doesn’t knock my procrastination to the canvas nothing will.

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