Resisting the urge to hit the bottle in January

It’s January and I spent the majority of last month eating and drinking, blaming it on the fact that its the festive season. I’m not saying I’ve been plastered every day but I have indulged, probably a little too much.

This time last year I successfully navigated my way through January without touching a drop of alcohol, feeling much better for it. So the plan is to do the same again.

But is it worth it, is the pain of not going out and socialising with friends because you might be temped to put away six pints of Stella really worth all the stress?

Personally I see it as a moral victory and a good way to detox the body, surely there is nothing wrong in that? Some will say “everything in moderation”, which is fine.


Reducing your alcohol intake for a month will potentially stop the mid week cravings, of which I can be guilty, often found knocking off half a bottle of Merlot and blaming it on a stressful day or the kids.

Once you get past the first week it’s not that hard and willpower kicks in another gear.

The glass of mid week wine is replaced with a soft drink, water or even a herbal tea and the need for alcohol becomes less and less.

That coupled with a training program will hopefully see the Xmas timber subside from the waistline. With a bit of luck come February, when I’ll allow myself a small tipple, I’ll be fresher, more alert and less dependent on the need for booze.

All this is in aid of my summer challenge which you can read more about here as well as sponsor me, which I will be eternally grateful for!

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