Why I’ve missed training with a PT

Those who hit the gym by themselves probably just go about their business without much of a thought. I’m guilty of this.

I train on my own and I suffer badly with motivation and the desire to push myself. Sure I’ll get a sweat on, but when I leave there is a lingering feeling that I’ve not worked as hard as I could have.

That’s why training with a PT a couple of times a month is one way to blow off the cobwebs and it gives you a sense of urgency and a wake up call that your training plan has gone stagnant. I’ve really missed it!

This week I caught up with my PT Jamie Lambie for a 1:1 session. I’d not trained with him in a while, and I knew that whatever he had in mind was going to be tough. It was, but oddly I adapted to it like I hadn’t been away.

For the upcoming Fan Dance I need to work on three key areas. Legs, as I would be walking over a 24km route of the Brecon Beacons. Shoulders and back, as I would be carrying a 35lb bergen on my back, and abs because I want to craft the remainder of my six pack and a strong core is good for posture.

Jamie’s session was simple, focussing on all three of these areas. It ranged from the dreaded sled which was pushed and then pulled back to the start with a rope. Seated to standing shoulder press, where you kill the body weight by sitting on a box and then use your legs and hips to fire up and press two 12kg dumbbells.

The session was finished off with a core workout, most notably 3 x 1 min raised plank which is a killer and a good finisher.

Jamie is a very good PT and has a large client base. He’s helped lots of people achieve their goals and hopefully he’ll be able to help me with mine. June seems a long way away but it will come around quickly and I need to be 100% ready. I cannot go into this lightly, it’s broken many people already.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 18.14.48.png
Using battle ropes in short bursts really sucks the life out of you!

Remember, I’m putting myself through this for charity. I’ll be raising money for CRY – cardiac risk in the young and its a very worth while cause. If you would like to, you can sponsor me here, I will be very grateful.

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